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City officials recently approved a resolution to accept a new construction bid offer for the Watervliet Civic Center located on 14th Street. A federal Community Development Block Grant will cover $400,000 of the cost, with the city responsible for the rest. Construction for this bid is estimated to cost $451,000, engineering costs will be around $ 45,000, administration costs will be $18,000 and delivery costs at $22,000. With this recommendation, the city would need to come up with $136,000 to cover the remaining costs of the Civic Center Public Facility Rehabilitation Project, although up to $40,000 could be reimbursed, which would then result in an end financing of approximately $96,000 through a bond. As part of the new bids some alternatives to the project include installing less costly windows, the addition of adding a glass block to the basement windows and to reset stone steeps and cheek walls along with concrete sidewalk replacement with grass and performing work on the basement stairs. The accepted bid this time around does not include full repointing of the building; the previous bid had that included in the total amount. Members of the City Council are happy to see that much needed work will soon be getting done to the citys Civic Center since they know the importance of the center from growing up in Watervliet. I think its exciting to finally get an approval and start the construction, said Councilman Nicholas Foglia. I spent a lot of time in the civic center as a kid and I am excited to get this project off the ground and see the improvements. The Civic Center is a great building and a great organization that is widely used, added Councilman Charles Patricelli. These improvements are worth every dollar. Manning said that the city has been working on getting this project Construction loan Perth Oak Laurel South Perth, 2/23 Bowman St, South Perth WA 6151, going for a couple years now and is also excited to finally see improvements taking place there.